The District Executive Committee

The District Executive Committee exists to support the District Commissioner in meeting the responsibilities of the appointment and to provide support for Scout Groups, Explorer Scout Units and the Scout Network in the District. The Committee is specifically responsible for:

  • promoting the development of Scouting in the District;

  • arranging for harmonious co-operation between Groups and between units of the Association and with other organisations;

  • the raising of funds and the administration of the District's finance and property, including those of the Explorer Scout section and District Scout Network;

  • appointing a District Appointments Advisory Committee and a Chairman of such a Committee;

  • appointing other sub-Committees and their Chairmen as the Committee may require;

  • attending to District administration, particularly:

    • matters relating to Leader appointments;

    • the appointment of Skills Instructors, Administrators and Advisers;

    • registrations, membership of the Movement;

    • the presentation of an Annual Report and annual statement of accounts to the Annual General Meeting of the District Scout Council.

Members of the District Executive Committee for 2019/20

You may email any one of the following people if they have a  symbol next to their name. The email format is without any hyphens or apostrophes.

Office Bearers (Ex-Officio Members)
District Chair Ian Chick
District Commissioner Cathy Muxlow
District Youth Commissioner Alex Taylor-Brown
District Secretary vacant
District Treasurer Paul Melhuish
District Explorer Scout Commissioner refer to District Commissioner
District Scout Network Commissioner refer to District Commissioner
Nominated Members
Andrew Appleby
Deputy District Commissioner Daljit Aubby
  Marian Melhuish
Chair Appointments Committee Andrew Norman
  Bryan Payne
Elected Members
  Sarah Appleby
Note taker Sue Brooks
  Stuart Dingwall
  Bill Lewis
  Peter Melvin
SAC Warden & Asstistant Treasurer Philip Thorne
Co-Opted Members

Appointments Advisory Committee
Chair   Andrew Norman
Secretary   Sue Brooks
    Lizzie Appleby
    Andrew Goodwin
    Tracy Minson
    Gareth Norman

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