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October 2004

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Duncan Dares to lead UK's half million Scouts

Peter DuncanActor and TV action man Peter Duncan is set to take on a new challenge as Chief Scout for the UK's largest co-educational youth charity.

Famous for his round-the-world expeditions, as well as his stint on Blue Peter and Duncan Dares in the 1980s, Peter is delighted to be breaking new ground with the Scout Movement in the United Kingdom.

Peter takes up the five-year appointment from 5th September 2004. He follows in the steps of only eight others who have held the role of Chief Scout since Baden-Powell was declared the first Chief Scout in 1921.

Peter Duncan a former Cub Scout said 'Scouting is alive and well in twenty first century Britain. I can think of no better organisation to provide a creative and challenging framework for the positive development of young men and women.

Peter Duncan“Getting involved in Scouting as an adult is about having fun and adventure mixed in with a real sense of purpose. Being a Leader gives people the chance to contribute to the positive development of tomorrow's adults.”

Peter Duncan

Having recently backpacked around China with his family, Peter is looking forward to the UK Scout Association hosting EuroJam in 2005 and the World Scout Jamboree in 2007. Each event will bring tens of thousands of Scouts from around the world to the UK to celebrate Scouting's centenary.

Sally Milner, a nine-year-old Cub Scout said, “I've met the new Chief Scout and he's cool. He really knows how to talk to children.” She added: “It's great we have a real action man as our new Chief Scout!”

© 2004 The Scout Association. Published: 17 July 2004.

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Greenford Gang Show 2005

The Show has already commenced - and we held a registration and "get to know you" evening in July when a lot of people turned up and we went through a provisional script so they could have some idea of the content of the Show.  It was a worthwhile event, and many more did appear for the first rehearsal on 21st September. As usual these will be at District Headquarters - refreshments will be served between 7.15 and 7.30pm after which the work will start!

Greenford Hall will be the venue for the week of the Show - the dates being 17th, 18th and 19th February.  All are welcome to join the Gang, and offers for help backstage are always welcome.

If you think you can help please contact either Maxcine Hill or Stan Miller.

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Welcome back from the DC

As this newsletter reaches you, you would have started back to meetings after the summer. I am aware from speaking to Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Explorers and Leaders that a great time was had at all the various activities and camps attended during this time.

I am aware of groups travelling abroad to Kandersteg, Jamborees in Essex and over the border to Wales, which included a Gold Duke of Edinburgh’s Award hike which was a success with four Explorers passing.

I must thank everyone involved in any activity during the summer for the effort and hard work that you have put in which has resulted in the fun and enjoyment of our young people. WELL DONE.

As the evenings start to draw in, the level of badge work and scouting skills will continue as the Chief Scout’s hikes start in October and you also start working towards planned camps during the winter and into 2005.

The District is holding a Chief Scout’s Awards presentation evening on Saturday 15 January 2005 and it would be great to have at least one Chief Scout’s Award from every section. I am aware that we will have 2 Gold Duke of Edinburgh’s Awards. Well done.

Richard Starr, the National Commissioner for Programmes, will attend the evening. This is a great opportunity of showing HQ that joined up Scouting works and is kicking in Greenford.

I look forward to seeing you all on the 15th and around the District during the coming months.

Recently I attended the above conference with 600 DC's from across the country to discuss various issues facing the movement as it moves forward in the 21st century.

The main discussion focused around growing the movement both in the form of adult and young people recruitment and also maintaining and supporting the adults we currently have as leaders.

During the coming months information, comments and ideas will be shared from the conference with all of us.

It was also an opportunity to meet the new Chief Scout, Peter Duncan, and listen to his thoughts about the movement.

I was impressed with the enthusiasm that he is bringing to his role and his commitment to increasing the profile of Scouting over the coming years. It must be said the press coverage when he was appointed was a great start.

The thing that came out was about moving the movement forward. It is important that we all must think differently about how we do things in scouting. The old ways have served us well over the last 97 years but we must look forward to way of encouraging more scouts and adults to take part.

The challenge for all of us is to grow this movement that we love and enjoy taking part in to ensure that the young people we train today turn in to the leaders and supporters of tomorrow, to give the young people of the future the opportunity that our young people are getting from yourselves.

We must challenge not only our young people but OURSELVES.

Andrew Norman, District Commissioner

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Age doesn’t matter

From 1st October 2004 the upper age limit of 65 years old for adult appointments has being removed. There will no longer be an upper age limit. All adult appointments will have a minimum age of 18.

When new appointments and appointment reviews are carried out age will no longer be an issue. The appointee will be assessed on their suitability for the position and their ability to carry out the role regardless of age.

The five yearly Appointment Review has now become a formal review and it is the responsibility of the line manager (e.g. GSL, DESC, DC, etc.) to perform this function. The line manager should meet and discuss with the individual their performance, ability, suitability, aspirations, development needs, etc. The line manager must then advise the District Appointments Sub-Committee of the proposed outcome which could be one of three scenarios: -

1.      suitable to continue in the present role,

2.      suitable for reassignment to another role, or

3.      retirement.

The Appointments Sub-Committee will then, if they agree, take necessary steps to action the recommendations of the line manager.

This is a very brief outline of the new age related changes. GSLs should have received a pack from Gilwell Park specifying the new arrangements in details. Also, Scouting Magazine will be covering this in an article in a forthcoming issue.

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New Arrivals

Congratulations to Cathy Brooks (ASL, 8G) and Ian Muxlow (CSL, 4G) on the arrival of their daughter Claire Katie Shannon Muxlow who weighed in at 7lbs 9ozs on Sunday 23rd May 2004 at 11.47.

Congratulations also to Keeley Guyan (ASL, 1G) and Chris Norris (an SL in Hayes & Harlington District) on the arrival of their daughter Charlotte who weighed in at 9lbs on Tuesday 20 August 2004.

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Nights Away Permits

The Permission to Camp forms ceased to exist from 1st September 2004 and the only way young people may participate in a Night activity is by a responsible adult holding a relevant Nights Away Permit.

Nights Away Permits may be obtained by completing the “Application for a Nights Away Permit” form and passing the form to the District Nights Away advisor. Don’t forget to enclose a passport-sized photo of the applicant with the form.

The application form is part of Fact Sheet fs120432, which may be obtained from DHQ, downloaded from ScoutBase UK or from the Scout Information Centre on 0845 300 1818.

The District Nights Away advisor is Rik Fox.

If the Nights Away advisor feels that the applicant has the relevant experience a permit will be awarded. Otherwise the applicant may have to undergo further training and or development to gain the relevant knowledge and skills before a permit is awarded.

Form “PC Abroad” has not been discontinued and MUST be completed for any international experiences. Applications to the ACC (International), Rex Smith, for the pack.

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Gang Show Refreshments

Can anyone help with refreshments on the Tuesday rehearsals from now until 8th February 2005 from 7.00.p.m. until 7.30.p.m.?

Yes, we are having refreshments before the rehearsal to restrict the disruption.  If you can help on just one of these dates please contact Marian Melhuish.

Thank you.

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District Camp

Photo: Rik FoxWhat a great weekend!

Fantastic weather, loads of fun activities to take part in, a chance to meet old friends and make new ones.

Tolmers camp site and staff, led by Andy the Warden and Chris his deputy, once again did us proud and were as friendly and helpful as ever. Our young people all enjoyed themselves and with the Beaver Scouts and members of the Scout Fellowship joining the rest of the District over the weekend a great time was had by all. It was just a pity that not all of the Groups were able to attend. To this I say, Leaders – sort it out – as it is the young people that have missed out.

Have you seen some of the photos of the camp on the District website? No? Well log on to

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Going, Going, Gone!

Due to the only leader in the Group moving out of the area, 6th Wembley (Tokyngton) Scout Group has had to close. The District Executive Committee will be deciding what should be done with the equipment and premises.

Similarly, due to work, family commitments and illness, the leaders at 2nd Greenford (Our Lady of the Visitation) Scout Group have decided to call it a day and unless the church can find some suitable adults to help out, the Group will have to close.

It is a very sad situation when Scout Groups have to close because of lack of adult support. It is very difficult recruiting adults at the moment and everyone is reminded that we all, what ever our role might be, have a duty to recruit and retain adults in the movement.

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Young Leaders

Do you have any Young Leaders working in your section or Group? If so, then there are two new factsheets that have been written especially for you.

These factsheets are available by downloading from ScoutBase UK or from the Scout Information Centre. They are called Working with Young Leaders in your Section (FS452029) and Young Leaders – Information for Beaver Scout, Cub Scout and Scout Leaders (FS452009) both dated June 2004.

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Positions Vacant

We are short of leaders in nearly every Scout Group in the District and as you have read elsewhere we have had to close two Groups because of this. The Cub Scout section is especially sort of leaders. Please make every effort to encourage parents to help out (once CRB clearance has been gained) and when they do, please ensure that we use them effectively.

There are several positions that need filling in the District. If you are interested in any of these roles, or know of someone that may be interested within or outside of Scouting, please speak with the DC or DDC to find out more.

Public Relations – main duty to publicise the good things that Scouting does in the area to local media, etc.

Assistant District Commissioner (Scouts)

Working along side Jay Solanki, the role is to lead and guide the Scout Section, assist Scout Leaders and Troops with problems and issues and to represent the DC and the District to the Scout section and vice-versa.

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Graham Smith

 The District was sad to hear the news that Graham Smith had been "Called to Higher Service" on 9th August 2004.

Graham joined the Scout Movement during the second World War at the 6th Greenford (Holy Redeemer) when he was enrolled as a Wolf Cub.  He gave continuous service until his passing, taking on many appointments within Greenford & District, and finally becoming District Commissioner.  He gave unstintingly of his time and efforts - a true example to everyone. 

Graham was one of our Vice Presidents, and at his funeral service the District was well represented by both uniformed  and non-uniformed friends.

Our thoughts go to his family and friends.

We have received a very nice letter from Angela thanking the District for the representation at the service and for the display of Colours. Also for the donations made on Graham’s behalf.

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Wave the Flag

The Explorer Scout section was recognised at the St. George’s Day celebrations this year when it was presented with it’s new District Colour. The Colour was blessed by Capt. Don Woodhouse, OBE before being presented to the Explorer Scouts.


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Changes in GLMW

The scout county of Greater London Central has disbanded and the 10 districts have reformed into a lot less. Two of the new districts have joined our County, Greater London Middlesex West. These two districts, West London District and The City of Westminster District, cover the areas east of us, all of the way to and including the City of Westminster.

Also, Chad Lake, the County Commissioner, has reorganised his County Management team. Chad has retained Terry Kingham as Deputy County Commissioner but with an added responsibility for County Development.

Three new roles have been created: -

·         Director for Youth under 14s, which is being filled by Alasdair McBay,

·         Director for Youth 14 to 25, which is Liz Mitchell, and

·         Director for Adult Support, which is being filled by Andrew Hill who is joining us from GLC.

These three people will be responsible for all of the teams in the county whilst the DCs report directly to Chad. These changes will took place from the County AGM in September. More detail will be forthcoming in due course.

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Chief Scout’s Awards Presentation - Saturday 15th January 2005

Next year’s Awards Evening will be held on the above date at 7.45 pm. at DHQ. The evening is orientated to the youth members of our organisation and celebrates the gaining of the Chief Scout’s Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum Awards, Queen’s Scout Awards as well as Duke of Edinburgh’s Awards.

The Guest of Honour to make the presentations will be Roger Starr – National Commissioner for Programme.

Rik Fox
Assistant District Commissioner (Activities)

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Southall Activity Centre

Over the last year Southall Activity Centre has had a lot of money spent on it and a lot or work has been done to improve the site. New windows, main gates and fence, floodlights, sunken belay points for the climbing tower and a new central heating boiler are just some things that have been done.

Ted and his team of merry men and women have all been working extremely hard to keep the facility looking as good as it is and they would love nothing more that to see it being used every weekend and every evening of the year. So come on everyone. It’s your site. Why not get down there and have some outdoors fun.

Just one request from Ted, though. If you use SAC would you please tidy up after you and leave the site as clean and tidy for the next users as you would expect to find it when you arrive.

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Data Protection

Q.        Do you hold personal information about the young people in your section?

Q.        Is this information held on paper records and or on a computer?

If the answer to these two questions is yes (and I suspect that every section of every Group will answer yes) then you have to comply with the rules of the Data Protection Act.

Groups do not need to be registered for holding this information but must gain explicit consent to hold sensitive information such as health details, disabilities, religion, etc.

Please read the HQ factsheet “Data Protection Act” (FS270001) available by downloading from ScoutBase UK or from the Scout Information Centre (0845 300 1818). There is a suggested cover letter for parents to gain their consent.

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Recent Appointments

There have been a few new appointments recently within the management team of the District.

Sue Brooks (BSL 2N and DBSL) has been appointed as Assistant District Commissioner (Beaver Scouts) to work along side Steve Newell.

Stan Miller (SL 4G) has been appointed Group Scout Leader of 4th Greenford (Methodist) Scout Group.

Min Brandon (SAC Bookings Secretary) has accepted the offer to become the District Explorer Scout Administrator (DESA) whose main duty will be to ensure good communications within the Explorer Scout section and between Explorer Scouts and Scout Groups and to aid the section with administration.

Rik Fox has decided to step down from heading up the Scout section but has agreed to take on some different roles. Rik has been appointed Assistant District Commissioner (Activities) which includes responsibility for international activities and camps. Rik has also taken on the role of Nights Away Advisor for the District.

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Update from the District Shop

B a r g a I n s ! ! !

Last chance to get new ‘old’ uniforms, scarves, etc.

How about some camp/working clothes or even a memento of past Scouting?

These will be available at DHQ on Monday evenings until December 2004.

Scarves are only £1 each and the rest just a donation.

See June, Bert or Marian.

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Activity Authorisations

I have spent much of the summer sorting out the Activity Authorisations paperwork held by the District which was a little out of date.

I have written to several people with queries about their authorisation(s). In some cases I have suspended authorisations until I have seen proof of such an authorisation or have discussed it with the person concerned.

At the time of going to print with this newsletter, the following people are the only people in the District to hold current Activity Authorisations. All other Activity Authorisations are suspended. If you believe that you hold an Activity Authorisation and your name is not on this list then you need to speak with me or Rik Fox, ADC (Activities), and show us proof of your authorisation.

Air-Rifle: Andi Brown 9G/D; Ian Chick D; Barry Cole D; Jim Dingwall 3N; Stuart Dingwall 3N/D; Tom Hankins 2N; Dave Harden 4N; Tony Johnson 12N; Stan Miller 4G; Les Russel 2N; Sarra Taylor-Brown 9G/D.

Archery: Andi Brown 9G/D; Balvinder Kaur Chana 13S; Ian Chick D; Maxcine Hill ES/D; Graham Holt 3P/D; Jaswinder Kaur Marbay 13S; Ian Muxlow 4G; Les Russell 2N; Sarra Taylor-Brown 9G/D; Stuart Twiggins 3N; Gordon Wilson 2N/D; Marian Wilson 2N/D.

Climbing & Abseiling: Andi Brown 9G/D; Jim Dingwall 3N; Stuart Dingwall 3N/D; Gary Earl ES; Ted Jasper D; Les Russell 2N; Nicky Wilson 2N.

Hill Walking: Ian Chick D; Rik Fox D; Helen Hankins 2N; Tom Hankins 2N; Maxcine Hill ES/D; Ted Jasper D; Stan Miller 4G.

Water (Canoe/Kayak): Gary Earl ES; Helen Hankins 2N; Maxcine Hill ES/D; Stan Miller 4G; Stephen Newell 1N/D.

Water (Pulling): Stephen Newell 1N/D.

Ian D Chick
Deputy District Commissioner

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5th August to 19th August

88 Places have been provisionally booked in the Chalet and the YMCA Building for the County expedition to Kandersteg for the dates shown.  Two kitchens will be available; one in the Chalet and one in the YMCA Building.

Travel will be by whatever means County devises (last time we had our own personal train from Calais to Kandersteg).

Costs will not be known until County sends us information.

Rik Fox
Assistant District Commissioner (Activities)

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Dutch Working Party

Explorer Scouts – do you fancy a free week at Kandersteg International Scout Centre?

The Dutch Scout Association provide a working party to Kandersteg for one week in both Spring and Autumn.  The cost to you is your return travel and spending money.  You will be provided with accommodation and three meals a day for the week, in return for which you give three days work.  The rest of the time is yours to do with what you wish.

The co-ordinator of the Dutch Working Party is Coen ten Brink and you can contact him at “Coen ten Brink” .

Rik Fox
Assistant District Commissioner (Activities)

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Heathrow ‘Meet and Greet’

You may not be aware that GLMW is responsible for the ‘Meet and Greet’ scheme at Heathrow Airport, through the Port Liaison Officer, John Burton.

Up to now, John has carried out this task mainly solo (he says it's one of the most worthwhile jobs he's had in Scouting), but has now run into a few mobility problems, which mean he may not be able to make so many visits to the airport himself. John is, however, prepared to act as the County link between Gilwell and other Counties running international events, and a team of people who would be able (and be prepared) to meet planes at Heathrow at all hours (!) and then point the visitors in the right direction.

In certain circumstances, there may be a need to guide them to London and even Gilwell. The volume of calls is not very great, so volunteers might not be called upon very often.

This may be an ideal opportunity for some of the members of your District Scout Fellowship to become involved.

Could I ask you to see if there are any volunteers who could do this and for you to let me have their names and details - e-mail addresses and/or phone numbers ?

The busiest period is, naturally, the summer and, mostly thanks to the services of David Towler, we have been able to cope. However, next year is Eurojam and 2007 sees the World Jamboree, so these are likely to be busy periods.

Thanks for your help in this matter and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Rex Smith
Assistant County Commissioner (International)

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‘252 Club’ List of Winners

The District’s ‘252 Club’ is a fund raising activity and helps keep the membership fee to a minimum. If you would like to purchase a ‘share’ in the club or just find out more, please contact Roy Chick on 020 8578 4220, meet him on a Monday at DHQ or email him at .

1st prize £30, 2nd prize £20, 3rd prize £10.

1st        No. 23              Mrs Miriam Harley
2nd       No. 93              Mr Martin Mayaski
3rd        No. 156            Mr C Jones

1st        No. 108            Mr Fred Ives
2nd       No. 24              Mr Justin Bamford
3rd        No. 79              Mrs S Armstrong

1st        No. 34              Miss Lucinda Bamford
2nd       No. 41              Mr Martin Vowles
3rd        No. 50              9th Greenford Group

1st        No. 153            Mrs Pauline Avery
2nd       No. 186            Mrs Jean Gates
3rd        No. 57              Mr Fred Ives

1st        No. 166            Mr Jim Hunter
2nd       No. 142            Mr Stan Miller
3rd        No. 46              Mrs Diana Amos

1st        No. 1                Mr Graham Smith
2nd       No. 183            Mr Colin Whitehead
3rd        No. 107            Mr David Eales

1st        No. 23              Mrs Miriam Harley
2nd       No. 17              Mrs Joan Stevens
3rd        No. 43              Mrs Marion Chick

1st        No. 91              Mr Roy Chick
2nd       No. 158            Mr Jerry Lacey
3rd        No. 6                Mr Ron Piper

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First Aid

[First Aid]Do you hold a current first aid qualification? If you do, do we know about it at District?

If you have taken a first aid qualification outside of Scouting, please bring your certificate to DHQ one Monday evening and let Josie Cole (Local Training Manager) or Louise O’Leary (Local Training Administrator) take a copy to attach to your record card.

From 2005, it will be mandatory for all leaders to have a current first aid qualification (minimum of First Response) when their warrant is reviewed. Failure to have this will mean that your warrant cannot be extended.

The county run several First Response courses every year as part of the Adult Training programme (Module 10) which are usually held at Chalfont Heights. Please talk to Josie or Louise for details.

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It's here! - Scouting magazine relaunches

Adults in Scouting should now be reading the new Scouting magazine. If you haven't yet received yours, it will be with you in the next few days. This launch issue, mailed to over 81,000 Members, reflects the range of topics to be covered in the full editions, and is the first in the new A5 format. For the first time, the entire magazine is also available to view on-line.

Now reaching all those on the 'front line' of Scouting, it will be a powerful new way to share resources good news, good practice and help us tackle the challenges ahead.

However, the Section supplements and a number of standard features, such as articles covering the handling of health/behaviour/disability issues are missing from the launch issue. These will all be in place for issue 1.

Everyone over the age of 18 who pays membership subscriptions (or has them paid for them) should receive a copy of the magazine. On page 8 of the launch issue you can find out how to sign up to the sectional supplements. If you experience difficulties after a few attempts please email and put 'Mailing October' in the subject box - this will enable us to deal with your enquiry over the next six weeks.

Talkback - your comments on the new magazine

I have just received my eagerly awaited new style Scouting Magazine. I must say from the start how impressed I am with it. My dad had always subscribed to the old style Magazine. Due to its style I never read it due to its overwhelming size and amount of information in it. Now I have received the new A5 size one, I have read it from cover to cover and I feel it is more user friendly. I hope you choose to keep the new A5 style.
Patrick McCann

Thank you for sending me a copy of the Launch issue of 'Scouting' I was very impressed and I am looking forward to seeing the next issue.
Ian Hayes

Just received my copy of the new 'Scouting' - brilliant!! If this launch issue is 'reduced-length' then I am really looking forward to the next one. Well done to you and all the publishing team, it is what we need in the 21st century.
Duncan Robertson

© 2004 The Scout Association. Published: 01 October 2004

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Pool Kayaking Sessions

Did you know that once a month the Explorer Scouts hire Northolt  Swimmarama’s main pool for Kayaking sessions. These sessions are also open to Scouts and leaders who wish to improve their basic kayak skills in the safety of a swimming pool environment. Ideal for capsize practise and learning how to Eskimo role.

If you are interested, please see the ‘forthcoming events’ page of the Explorers’ website (

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2nd Northolt Scouts’ 2004 Summer Camp in  Kandersteg

Here are some comments about 2nd Northolt Scouts’ Summer Camp in Kandersteg, Switzerland

  • “Switzerland Summer Camp 2004 was the best camp I’ve ever been to!!”

PL Chris (13)

  • “I think Switzerland was Great Becoz it was Fun.”

Scout Anorosa (12)

  • “It was great as the night activities were great fun.”
Young Leader Lee (17)
  • “It was great, Fantastic and fun and we met loads of new scouts/people.”

Scout Sophie (13)

  • “It was Fun.”

Scout Connie (12)

  • Switzerland was fantastic.”

Scout Minisha (12)

  • “It was a good atmosfire and I got invested by the Kander.”

Scout Alex (11)

  • “It was great fun for my first Summer Camp.”

Scout Parie (13)

  • “It was fun and great.”
Scout Pritesh (12)
  • “It was exciting and adventurous and I got invested in front of the Kander river.”

Scout Jai (11)

  • “It was inspiring and beautiful.”
PL Franko (13)
  • “I thought Switzerland was excellent, I enjoyed every bit of it.”
Young Leader Hamel (16)
  • “I thought Switzerland was really good and I would go again.”

“P.S.  It took them ages to talk me into going but I’m glad I went!!!”

Young Leader Sophie (16)

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